NAJC COVID-19 Resources

“Separate thyself not from the community.”

(Rabbi Hillel)

The members of Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC) are honored to share the resources they have been compiling to help soften the emotional and spiritual impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you have questions regarding any source, or if you would like to contribute an additional resource, please contact

Pandemic Journaling Project (University of Connecticut) – call for participants (posted 21 June 2020, contributed by Robert Tabak)

“You Can See Your Loved One Now.” Can Visitor Restrictions During Covid Unduly Influence End-of-Life Decisions?  (Posted 19 June 2020, from The Hastings Center Bioethics Newsletter, 18 June 2020, contributed by Chaplain Barry E. Pitegoff, BCC)

“Hospital Chaplaincy in the Age of Coronavirus,” The Ringer, May 28, 2020 (posted 13 June 2020, , and featuring NAJC Board member Rabbi Sara O’Donnell Adler) 

“Clergy on the Front Lines,” article from Tablet Magazine  (posted 13 June 2020, submitted by several members)

“The healthcare worker at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic: a Jewish ethical perspective,” from The Journal of Medical Ethics (posted 06 June 2020, submitted by Rabbi Neal Loevinger)

“Why I Became a Rabbi in the First Place,” reflections on funerals in the age of COVID-19, buy Rabbi Elliott Cosgrove (posted on 03 June 2020, submitted by Rabbi Joseph S. Ozarowski, D. Min., BCC)

COVID-19 Resources from Michigan Medical (posted 31 May 2020, contributed by Rabbi Sara O’Donnell Adler)

Rabbi/Chaplain Neal Loevinger of the NAJC Board and Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, NY, was featured recently in a local newspaper as a member of his community at the front-lines in fighting the pandemic.  You can read the article from the link embedded in this post.  (posted 26 May 2020, contributed by Rabbi Loevinger)  

“I thought you might enjoy (my english translation of) this recent incredible essay on the halakhic issues that have arisen during the coronavirus pandemic by Rabbi Dr. Avraham Steinberg.” (posted 25 May 2020, contributed by Rabbi Dr. Jason Weiner, BCC)

“Resources from the NAJC Chesed Committee Webinar” (posted 25 May 2020, contributed by Chaplain Susan J. Katz)

The website established by Reconstructing Judaism but very pluralistic has a lot of resources, including a section of prayers, poems, readings, etc on “Healing and Hard Times”  (Shared by Bob Tabak, posted 24 May 2020)

“A Prayer in the Time of Coronavirus,” Written by the Rev. Heather M. Hinton, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, Burlington, MA (Shared by Linda Skolnik, posted 03 May 2020)

Dr. Naomi Paget, BCC, BCETS, “Ministry During Pandemic: From Awareness to Implementation,” March 2020, p. 59. [Submitted by Seth Bernstein, BCC, 04/29/20]

“Rabbi Bickhardt’s Prayer for Doctors, Nurses and Medical Personnel,” Rabbi J. Bickhardt, Jewish Fellowship of Hemlock Farms, PA, April 25, 2020 (posted 05/01/20)

“Prayer of Hope and Courage,” by Rabbi Lynn Liberman, BCC (posted 04/29/20)

“Undeterred during COVID-19, hospital chaplains transform delivery of spiritual care” [featuring Rabbi Neal Loevinger] MD Edge Internal Medicine, April 27, 2020

“Emotional Scarring: Inside the Battle to Keep Jewish Nursing Homes in America Safe” (Article from Haaretz)

“Unsung Heroes,” Cantor Alane S. Katzew, BCC and Edits by Joanne Fink

“A Prayer for Essential Workers” by Chaplain Ilisia Kissner

“Prayer for Health Care Providers” by Rabbi Ayelet S Cohen

“Prayer for Nurses” (Contributed by Ilan Aldouby)

“Using Anger as a Pathway to Holiness”

“Prayer for Strength” (Contributed by Ilan Aldouby)

“Prayer for Strength” (version 2) (Contributed by Ilan Aldouby)

“Give Them Peace Prayer” (Contributed by Ilan Aldouby)

“Give Them Strength Prayer” (Contributed by Ilan Aldouby)

“Children and Adults Responding to Trauma”

“Every Hand” (Rav Yosel)
“Every Hand” (Rav Yosel)

“Coping With Fear and Anxiety” (Robert Abromovitz, MD)

“A Seder Companion in the COVID-19 Era” (Daniel Coleman)

“Emergency Death Chaplaincy Card” (Saint Barnabas Medical Center)

“How to Foster Resilience” (

“Spiritual Resources for Hard Times” (Massachusetts General Hospital)

“Music and Jewish Content … to Help Lift Your Spirits During COVID-19 …”

“No Boat off the Island” (Rabbi Gregory Marx)

“Passover and Easter Prayer Supplement” (Rabbi Steven J. Rubensein, BCC)

“Rabbi’s Weekly Commentary Re: COVID-19”(Rabbi Steven J. Rubenstein, BCC)

“Rationing During a Pandemic Flu – Jewish Sources”(Aryeh Dienstag)

“Prayers, Poetry, Reflections” (Mishkan Miami Chaplains)

“Rabbi Nachman Poster”
“Rabbi Nachman Poster”

“Spiritual Message Re: COVID-19”(Rabbi Steven J. Rubenstein, BCC)

“The Ability to Recognize and manage Emotions …” (Credit: Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times)

“The Division of Scarce Resources … in Halacha” (Judah Goldschmiedt)

“The Rabbi Who Ate on Yom Kippur …Cholera Epidemic … 1848” (Ir Taub)

“Spiritual Care Guidance for Health Care Workers” (UC San Diego Health)

“Spiritual Care Guidance for Health Care Workers” (UC San Diego Health)

“With One Hand Behind Me …” (Chaplain Barry E. Pitegoff, BCC)

“COVID-19 Resources … from Reconstructing Judaism” (Robert Tabak, BCC)

“Friday Evening Prayer … During COVID-19 Pandemic” (Rabbi Leah Doberne-Schor for