Please note: The terms “chaplaincy,” “pastoral care,” and “spiritual care” are often used interchangeably.

What do Chaplains do?

Jewish Chaplaincy

Pastoral Care and Education Organizations (North America)

Spiritual Care Organizations (Israel)

For Jewish Patients, Families, Friends, and Chaplains

Educational Resources for Chaplains and others

  • Jewish Lights Publishing: Numerous books and publications touching on Judaism, spirituality, and health, especially featuring: Jewish Pastoral Care: A Practical Handbook from Traditional and Contemporary Sources, edited by Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, MAJCS, MSW, BCC, (2nd edition, Jewish Lights Publishing, 2005). Other publications include
  • Flourishing in the Later Years: Jewish Pastoral Insights on Senior Residential Care, edited by Rabbi Cary Kozberg and Rabbi James Michaels (2011)
  • Maps and Meaning: Levitical Models for Contemporary Care, by Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener and Rabbi Jo Hirschmann
  • On One Foot, Jewish texts for Social Justice (site created by American Jewish World Service and numerous other organizations). Note especially section on “Health” for דברי תורה (Torah comments) and study/discussion sheets.
  • Sefaria, This source offers primary Jewish texts in Hebrew and English, now including the JPS Tanakh translation (1985). Among the topics of interest are: “Health, שמירת הגוף, medical ethics, childbirth, life, birth, medicine, body, LGBTQA issues, transgender issues, and more.”
    Worksheets prepared by other users are available for many topics. (It is good to check for alternative translations, singular and plural, etc.) Themes in the worksheet section include: disability/disabilities, death, end of life, medical ethics, medicine, as well as many general topics such as חסד, תיקון עולם, צדקה.

These journals charge for subscriptions, but most post some articles on line for free access.

Life Cycle: End-of-Life Issues: Death, Funerals, Burials

Jewish Holidays and Calendar

Chaplains, Spirituality, and Health Care Settings

Chaplains, Spirituality, and Health Care Settings–Organizations and Research Centers:

Research on Pastoral Care

Disaster and Crisis

Rabbinic Organizations

These groups can often provide insights from their perspective, or connect people in need with a local rabbi. Some have information on their websites as well.

Additional Resources

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