Policy Regarding Accepted CPE for NAJC Certification

Our goal is to ensure that candidates for NAJC Certification have successfully navigated rigorous, high-quality CPE programs that are accredited by a US Department of Education recognized accreditor in the field of clinical pastoral education.

As ACPE is the only US Department of Education recognized accreditor of programs of clinical pastoral education centers and Certified Educator CPE programs, the NAJC Certification Program requires candidates for Board Certified Chaplains to have successfully completed a minimum of 4 units of ACPE Certified CPE to enter the certification process.

A candidate for certification may apply for an equivalency for 1 unit of CPE successfully completed in a non-ACPE accredited program. For consideration, the candidate must submit the appropriate Clinical Pastoral Education Equivalency Worksheet along with the appropriate fee.

The program and the unit of CPE must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 400 hours, including supervision, group, classroom, and clinical ministry. This includes didactic sessions on professional functioning and theological reflection, interpersonal sharing in a peer group, and attention to personal, pastoral, and professional identity issues.
  2. Individual supervision by a person who is appropriately credentialed to conduct a CPE program. Appropriately credentialed persons are those who have had significant post-graduate training in adult education, group dynamics, individual supervision, theology, and clinically based pastoral care equivalent to that of an ACPE, NACC, or CASC supervisor/educator. This person must adhere to a Common Code of Ethics as established by their certifying organization.