Jason A. Wolf, PhD
The Beryl Institute

Stacy Palmer
Vice President, Strategy and Member Experience The Beryl Institute

Published in collaboration with HealthCare Chaplaincy NetworkTM. Special Guest Commentary from:

Rev. George Handzo, BCC, CSSBB
Director, Health Services Research and Quality HealthCare Chaplaincy Network(TM)

The paper captures the thoughtful voices of individuals across the spectrum of chaplaincy and spirituality in healthcare as they look to address and engage in this as a critical topic for action. In a series of core questions we look to frame an initial picture and call to action for how this critical work is seen as not at the edges of the experience conversation but a critical consideration at the core of theexperience movement overall. From reflections on purpose to a statement of value and recommendedactions the Contributors in this paper help to shed light on this important topic. Much of it is left to their words directly. Within their statements and stories a powerful opportunity is revealed.”

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