Lifemapping:  A Resource for Elders, Families, and Caregivers

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have worked on a program to visually combine maps, photos, or time lines of key events in a person’s life.  This could be very helpful for work with elders who want to show stories to family members or visitors, and potentially for people in early stages of dementia who can use visual cues to connect with people and places in their past.  The program is equipped to show a variety of “where” and “when” features.  For example, photos can be linked to either a map of the country or world showing major moves or life cycle events in a person’s life, or a local map can be used to show locations of home, synagogue, grade school, high school, first job, college, or other locations of interest.

An illustrated magazine article explaining Lifemapping is on line at  which also has a link to a video about the program.  You can learn more about this program—still under development –  or sign on to try it at the project website,  (Note that there is no final “m” in that web address.)